Work with us

The Adopt a Rabbit website is growing rapidly, making connections with animal shelters and rescue centers from across the country. This plethora of activities can turn into heavy lifting from time to time, and we need people who are willing to contribute to the site. We have different options if you feel like you can be a part of the movement.

Animal Shelter / Rescue Center

We’re open to bringing any shelters and rescue centers to our network. If you’re part of any non-lucrative organization devoted to animal rescue, send us an email to and we’ll gladly put you on the collaboration list, making easier to locate and find adoptive families for pets in your area.

Rescue Partner

If you’re just an average person with a passion for animals, you can also be part of the network. You can actually be called if an animal is endangered in your area. We’re looking for people who want to be vigilant of their neighborhood and who feel the commitment to save animals from terrible conditions.


You can just adopt an animal through our organization. Although we love rabbits, we have many animals available in different shelters around the country for you to adopt.


You can write for our blog. We need people with fluent English and a real passion for animals and pets. You’ll be creating content weekly. Send us your work!