Pet Rabbits – An Owners Guide

Rabbits are awesome pets. They’re small, they require less care than many other animals, and they’re so fluffy and perfect to cuddle with. They’re the best pet for little kids who are just starting to learn how to take care of an animal.

But these little ones have needs too, and if you want to own one, you have to take care of the fundamentals, here are the tips you need to know before owning a rabbit:

Their food

Many people say that rabbits need all sorts of stuff to live happily, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Things like salt licks, vitamins, or hard wooden objects to chew on are some of the myths associated with their care.

Honestly, the most important thing about their diet is hay, and hay only. You don’t need anything to wear their teeth down, as the normal grass you feed them with will do the trick.

From time to time, it’s good to let it have some green leafy vegetables too, as they love their flavor and their texture. Carrots could serve as a sporadical snack you give to them. It’s like going to a restaurant!

A lot of folks ask, what if they get sick?

The most common question now is CBD Oil safe for rabbits and bunnies? We recently came across a brand named Hemp 4 Everyone that posted on their Instagram that in fact it is.


Their accommodations

A clean cage will do the trick, but some things have to be considered. It’s really important to have different cages for males and females. You know what they say.

Place the cage far from any sources of extreme heat and preferably, away from any room with dogs barking inside. Cardboard boxes can do the trick most of the time.

Their needs

It’s better to have them neutered before adoption, as this control its territorial behaviors greatly. Talk to it daily while you stroke it. They’re highly social animals and love to be touched and handled by humans.

Approach the rabbit from the sides and not from the front, as their eyes won’t be able to pick you up in time and it will get scared. Never lift a rabbit who’s struggling to break free.

Remember that they need a safe space to become the pet you want them to become. They’re a prey species and with more comfort and a strong feeling of security, they’ll become really social and loving in their approach.

Now that you understand what are the most important things to consider when owning a pet rabbit, you can make a choice. Are you someone who’s willing to give love to this harmless, beautiful creature? We thought so!

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