Rescue Stories – Panama

In Adopt a Rabbit, we love to share stories about abandoned animals who somehow ended up been rescued and given to families willing to love them. The one we discovered recently was named Panama. This is her story.

What happened?

The little dog was found by a team of workers in a warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee. Although she was hiding from them, they kept bringing food for her every day.

She used to smile at them from a big pile of tires where she used to hide in. The team decided to take a picture of it and share it on social media in order to get attention and locate a place for her.

Who noticed her?

Foster coordinator for Streetdog Foundation Michelle Quina thought it was really dangerous for a dog to be there, as trucks coming in and out of the warehouse were a menace to the dog. She rushed out to find her.

“We went out there and she was curled up on the side of the road on a little pink blanket,” Quina said.

After the dog was rescued, the team named her Panama, because she was found in a street with that name. It’s not a bad name in our opinion.

Where did she end up?

Quina brought Panama home after a veterinary check-up. There, she found herself enjoying playtime with Quina’s dogs. She looked happy while playing with them.

According to Quina, Panama is already potty trained. Her hope is to find a place where Panama can feel the love from a proper owner who takes care of her needs.

What’s the future holding?

While the dog recovers from the mange she’s suffering, she’s just enjoying life alongside her foster mother. Quina loves to have her there, but someone who’s willing to take care of her should appear soon enough.

These are the types of stories we love to hear in Adopt a Rabbit. Our network keeps growing and things look better for animals as it happens.

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