About Us

Not many people care too much about how animals are handled in different industries, but at least we should care about the animals we are in contact with. How can we start thinking about the suffering of cattle if we’re still letting pets die on the streets? We think this mindset needs to stop right now.

I’m Lisa Narcisse, and I was desperately watching how hundreds of pets died in terrible conditions just because people don’t care about them. I decided to surround myself with a group of known animal lovers who are now helping me rescue as many animals as we can.
Throughout this adventure, we founded Adopt a Rabbit, a website devoted to networking around this animal-rescuing lifestyle. We know shelters around the US, we know how to adopt animals, and we can even locate one from you. We just need that you take the best care of these little ones.

We also do seminars around the country, trying to spread the word around. We need more people into the network, if the movement keeps growing at this rate, the impact could be tremendous. We all can be part of this mindset change through work and constant communication.

Lisa Narcisse – Head of Adopt a Rabbit