Welcome to the Rabbit Sanctuary

Rabbit Sanctuary, Inc., supported by the Fund for Animals

The Rabbit Sanctuary is situated on 30 beautiful acres in a wooded area of Simpsonville, SC. Rescued and unwanted rabbits are given a home for life and provided daily care, lots of love, and the chance to make new rabbit friends.

We help educate people about how to live with rabbits as companion animals. We also offer the opportunity to virtually adopt (sponsor) a sanctuary rabbit through the Adopt A Rabbit Sponsorship Program. This program helps to support the rabbits by providing funds for their daily needs.


Available in sizes S, M, L, and XL
$15 - includes shipping within the USA

Featured Rabbits for Virtual Adoption


Help the Rabbits

Whether it's a virtual adoption sponsorship, a one-time donation, or volunteering your time, there are many ways you can help the rabbits.


Rabbitat Renovations

Please contribute to our rabbitat renovation fund. We are raising money to pay for renovations to the two buildings that house the rabbits.


Little Debbie

Video Interview with Rabbit Sanctuary Founder, Caroline Gilbert

From ETV's Palmetto Scene, a video interview by Katie Greer.

The Rabbit Sanctuary piece starts at 18:40.